www.kokoromassage.net has a new look!

I’m excited to share that my website www.kokoromassage.net has undergone a total makeover! After nearly 8 years, it was finally time for a fresh web face and I think you’ll enjoy the new look. It’s still just as easy as ever to book online and many of you will be happy to hear I’m offering a new Massage + Bowenwork combination therapy session ($125, 105-min). Click here to find out more about the therapy services I offer.

My last website was designed by me purely with code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in the Notepad program on Windows. It took me months to manifest and while I’m proud of the sweat, blood, and tears I poured into my first business website, Wix.com made it very easy and enjoyable to get this new, more polished website launched in a quarter of the time. This isn’t an ad by the way, I simply have to remark that as an amateur web designer I have been very pleased with the Wix service.

So please enjoy the new website, www.kokoroamssage.net — 2nd edition!

First edition of www.kokoromassage.net
The first edition of my website, 2013-2021

Looking forward to working with you soon,

Lindsey Frazier, LMT

Kokoro Massage in Bellingham

Note: I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of 2/14/21.

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