Leaving ModSock to work at Kokoro Massage full-time

As many of you know, I have been working part-time at ModSock, the sock shop downtown on Cornwall (and online at www.modsock.com) since starting my practice seven and a half years ago. As my practice has grown, it became time to make the decision to commit to bodywork full time – and so here we are! I now do Bowenwork and massage therapy Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays all day.

I won’t talk at length about how good ModSock was to me, but in short I feel very blessed for my time there with my sock family. Shameless plug: if you are looking for a great local spot for holiday gifts, go give ModSock a peep because they really are amazing in so many ways. Good people, community outreach and donations, unique and locally-designed socks – even their COVID protocol is top-notch for the safest shopping possible. Trust me it’s more than “just socks”. You can order online, too!

My co-workers and boss know how I feel and I hope they will carry my love and encouragement with them in all their endeavors. Wishing you the greatest sock-cess ❤

I will always love ModSock for fun socks and gifts ❤

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